The DevOps revolution is transforming the way companies deliver software. But practitioners and business leaders looking to bring these benefits to their companies face a host of unexpected challenges. We at TechOne leverage on our experience in making it smooth for companies to adept with the change.


IT NetworksSoftware's influence over hyper convergence has changed IT Infrastructure management forever. Converging virtualized servers, storage, and networking is helping drive costs down for data center provisioning and maintenance.

Add to that, software is expected to work anytime anywhere, on a mobile device or a desktop PC. As a result, IT departments must tool-up & (wo)man-up to produce and release high quality code faster & better. The trend to DevOps teams achieves that, forming the glue between software and production teams.

With 'Networking Hardware' getting commoditized, vendors are trending towards providing Services instead; SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, NaaS - all within a secure cloud. Newer technologies like SDN & NFV are helping this trend.


TechOne has deep knowledge and 20+ years of experience in Networking and IT Infrastructure. We apply this experience to managing today's networks, storage devices and servers using industry-standard tools.   

Whether it is for backup & recovery, business continuity, data center management, DevOps, traditional network / server admin, network engineering, migrating from on-premise to cloud, etc., we have expertise to share. Our resources help stabilize IT infrastructure groups with pointed expertise, especially in newer areas. 

In traditional networking, our expert resources in NMS/ OSS coupled with TCP-IP (including Layer 2/3 switching/routing) helps software engineering teams achieve their near-term and long-term goals. 


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